AUTODOT® vehicle marking system
AutoDot security kit for vehicle marking - standard set for Czech market containing of spray with microdots, metallic labels, window label and customer card.AutoDot security kit for vehicle marking - standard set for Czech market containing of spray with microdots, metallic labels, window label
and customer card.

Every year more than 1.1 million motor vehicles are stolen in the European Union alone.* Out of these more than 455,000 vehicles are never found and never returned to their legal owners. This represents losses to car owners/insurers in excess of 8 billion Euros per year and estimated criminal profits in excess of 6.75 billion Euros per year.

The identity of most stolen vehicles is changed by tampering with VIN number and other identifiers and the vehicles, with their fraudulent new identity, are then sold on to the unsuspecting public. There are loopholes in the vehicle registration process which are exploited by criminals. When the vehicle is registered, its identifiers (VIN etc.) are not thoroughly checked for authenticity because the registration authorities often have no methodology to establish the real origin, age and history of the vehicle.

This problem can only be solved by implementing a comprehensive international vehicle information and identity system, a system that includes a database of vehicles, their origins and histories and a secure and tamper-proof complementary vehicle marking technology. The system enables online registration of every purchased vehicle, access to the database for the police, insurers and leasing companies, and easy application and inspection of complementary vehicle marking features.


Autodot® OCIS is a European vehicle identification and information system jointly developed by Metallic Security and systems integrator CEBIA, s.r.o. They system utilises Autodot® holographic microparticle markers in sprayable form. Each spray can contains twenty thousand of these suspended in a transparent lacquer. Each particle in a spray carries a six-digit number which is unique to each spraycan/ car, and a two-letter-country code. The lacquer contains a UV or infrared active substance which makes it easier for the police officer to find marked areas on a vehicle or vehicle part using special detectors. Further, the numbers on the particles can be read by a simple hand-held microscope magnifying 100 times.

Autodot® markings are applied by qualified personnel at authorised registry centres (car dealerships, service and MOT stations). The microparticles are applied to 20-30 critical areas of the vehicle. The registry centre personnel will also register the car in the OCIS database which currently includes more than six million vehicles. Upon registration, the customer receives a customer card and a 24-hour police hotline number where a potential theft can be quickly reported.

Police, insurance and leasing companies all have access to the OCIS database. Insurance and leasing companies can check vehicle history in order to prevent insurance/leasing fraud. In case of theft, the police have much better chances of recovering the stolen vehicle, especially in case of border crossing, by inspecting Autodot® identifiers and checking the vehicle's true identity via OCIS.

When we expand Autodot® OCIS to a new country, the system can either be sold as a bundle or Autodot®can be offered separately to fit a customised national vehicle information system and database. Metallic Security is looking for potential dealers for national implementations of AutodotR in Europe and elsewhere. To become a dealer the company needs to have experience in supplying security or IT solutions to the police and/or automotive industry.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer and are located in the European Union, please send us your details here. If you are outside of the EU, please enter your details here.

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* Source: Europol reports