Holographic coins and medals
A bimetallic commemorative coin with a holographic insertA bimetallic commemorative coin with a holographic insert

Metallic Security offers commemorative coins and medals with vivid holographic images rendered into precious metals using our exclusive OVMeta™ technology. For the first time this technology enables 3D imagery, stereograms and natural colour images to be faultlessly transferred into hard metallic surfaces. Holographic coins are normally not used for circulation, owing to the effect of mechanical wear on the holographic image, but are perfect as commemoratives. Whether used for a state anniversary celebration or a major sporting event, these coins and medals are bound to become instantly valuable collectibles.

The coins are available as full-face holographic coins with a holographic obverse and minted reverse. In this case the coin diameter is limited to 37 mm*. Alternatively we can supply bi-metallic coins (minted on both sides with a holographic insert on one side). The coins are available in gold, silver, gold-plated silver and gold-plated brass.

Apart from supplying finished products to end-users, Metallic Security supplies holographic components to coin mints. The Croatian and Polish state mints are among our valued customers. We supply holographic tools (shims) for minting full-face holographic coins. We can also supply holographic inserts to mints wishing to use such inserts for their own minted bi-metallic items, along with the technology of attaching the inserts to the coin base.

* Please note that no depth or 3D features are possible on full-face coins due to technical limitations. These are only possible on bi-metallics.