Optical microstucture technologies
Electron-beam lithograph workstationElectron-beam lithograph workstation

At Metallic Security we utilise advanced methods of recording holographic and non-holographic structures, developed by Optaglio. These structures are originated using two primary methods - laser holography and electron-beam lithography. Laser origination is a low resolution technique used mainly for promotional holography. We use it to originate images for commemorative coins and medals. Electron beam lithography has much higher resolution and is mainly used for security applications. This method can generate both holographic and non-holographic structures to the resolution of up to 500,000 dots per inch which makes it indispensable for recording security features and information into very small areas. This capability is key for the production of OVDot™ particles, for example, where a particle as small as 0.1 x 0.1 millimetres carries a readable holographic micro-image, which changes colour and appearance with the change of viewing angle, and also non-holographic text and other information. High-resolution electron beam lithography offers a wide range of security features (a detailed description is available on request) which cannot be copied using other techniques. This copy-resistance is a crucial functionality for all security products produced by Metallic Security.