OVDot™ microparticle markers
Microparticle markers100μ holographic microdots

OVDot™ is a novel single-source counterfeit-proof technology from Metallic Security enabling the inclusion of high-security microscopic holographic and non-holographic images into tiny metallic particles, which also carry variable alphanumeric information. The technology won the 2005 IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers' Association) Award for Best New Holographic Product and the 2005 Excellence Award at the prestigious Embax Print Exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic.

The OVDot™ microparticles utilise high-resolution electron-beam lithography from Optaglio - one of the world's most secure image origination methods. This technology delivers a constantly-evolving security feature complex at public recognition, instrument assisted and forensic levels and can achieve resolutions of up to 500,000 dots per inch. This enables us to include complex images into very small particles of 100 microns to 600 microns in diameter and to include various sophisticated security features visible at magnifications from X100 (hand-held microscope) to X5000 (forensic laboratory). These features include very small diffractive microtexts and graphics, kinetic effects and image switches, covert laser-readable images and complex forensic nanographics.

In addition to the high-security image, the particles bear de-metallised (transparent) batch-variable alphanumeric characters providing audit trail for a particular marked asset or substrate via registration in a purpose-built database.

The particles are extremely counterfeit-resistant and enable both reliable authentication of the marked item and a track-and-trace functionality.

Applications of OVDot™:

- Asset marking
- Substrate marking
- Security printing