The company

Metallic Security, s.r.o. is a Czech company which is part of the international Optaglio group with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Optaglio is a group of companies specializing in security solutions based on optical microstructure (including holographic) technologies. Metallic Security uses Optaglio-derived microstructure origination methods in combination with its own unique OVMetal™ and OVDot™ technologies to manufacture and deliver to the marketplace a range of novel security products for document security, brand protection and vehicle marking applications and also a range of collectible products (commemorative coins and medals).

Metallic Security is located in the beautiful old town of Jablonec nad Nisou, 60 miles north of Prague. Founded in 1356, Jablonec gained prominence in the second half of the XVII century when it became a famous centre for the production of traditional Jizerske glass. A century later local craftsmen producing costume jewellery won Europe-wide acclaim. The new-found prosperity reflected on the look of the town, which still very much pleases the eye.

Museum of Glass and Jewellery, Jablonec nad NisouMuseum of Glass and Jewellery,
Jablonec nad Nisou

The traditions of the old craftsmen are upheld by Jablonex Group which includes the Czech Mint, fashion jewellery production and glass-making facilities. Jablonex Group has been a partner for Metallic Security since the very formation of the company in 2000. Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located within the Czech Mint. The traditional skills of the artisans of Jablonex, alongside Optaglio's cutting edge technology, have been key to developing technologies and products at Metallic Security.

Metallic Security currently employs twenty-two people and is undergoing rapid expansion of both its manufacturing and its worldwide sales. In particular, our Autodot® vehicle marking solution is rapidly winning international recognition. Our security components are featured on government documents of several European countries and our holographic commemorative coins and medals has won acclaim for their superior image quality.

Exploiting its edge in security technology, Metallic Security is looking forward to a bright future.