Makrofol® ID with innovative security OVDot™
Makrofol® ID card with OVDot™Makrofol® ID card with OVDot™

Metallic Security and Bayer MaterialScience have developed a ground-breaking new product for the ID card and passport market.

Makrofol® ID polycarbonate film enables production of long lifetime high security polycarbonate ID products (e.g. ID cards or passports) and has won worldwide recognition among ID card and passport issuers.

OVDot™ holographic particles 100 microns in size bearing alphanumeric characters are securely incorporated into Makrofol® ID substrate during its manufacture.

OVDot® in the Makrofol® ID film serves not only to securitize the card or passport page substrate and thereby make the end product more secure, but also to identify the manufacturer, customer or even particular make or batch via both the customized holographic image and the variable alphanumeric.

The Makrofol® ID cards will be shown at the Optaglio Group exhibitions stands at the Intergraf (Nice, 10-12 October 2007) and CARTES (Paris, 13-15 November 2007) exhibitions.

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